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Who is Anthony Schmidt?

Anthony Schmidt is a 16-year-old with autism who has garnered international acclaim for his unique approach to photography. Fascinated by cars from a young age, Anthony has amassed an impressive collection of model vehicles, which he meticulously arranges and photographs. His images, often staged to depict these models in realistic outdoor settings, showcase his extraordinary attention to detail and visual creativity, earning him a large following on social media. Despite his young age and the challenges that autism presents, Anthony's singular focus and obsessive attention to detail have transformed into an unexpected artistic gift. His work serves as a powerful reminder that autism, often seen as a disability, can also be a source of incredible talent and creativity.


How Anthony Captures Images

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1: Location Scouting

Anthony Schmidt starts his photography process by scouting for era-specific and visually captivating locations that complement his artistic vision. It involves researching historic locations, considering lighting conditions, and identifying backgrounds that match the desired era and the aesthetic of the cars he's shooting for the day.

2: Designing the Look

Once the location is selected, Schmidt focuses on selecting and modifying the vehicles for the shoot. He sometimes adds patina or paints them rusty to add to the effect. He brings his vision to life to capture the story of a time gone by.

3: Capturing it All

Once the location is selected, Schmidt focuses on designing the overall look of his photographs. He carefully plans the positioning and angles of the cars, considering their lines, curves, and unique features to create a visually appealing composition. Schmidt pays attention to every detail, from the placement of the vehicles to the styling elements, ensuring that each shot captures the essence of the subject.